Keep A ‘Jar Of Awesome’ To Remind Yourself To Celebrate Small Wins

Keep A ‘Jar Of Awesome’ To Remind Yourself To Celebrate Small Wins

When things don’t go your way, “looking on the bright side” is a real test of your ability to show gratitude. No one is perfect at showing gratitude at first, but here’s an idea that can help: Keep a “jar of awesome” in plain sight to remind you that good things — and a lot of them — have happened when life gets you down.

This “jar of awesome” is something I learned from Tim Ferriss. It’s designed to capture all of those cool moments that you’re not going to remember a week or months later. Whenever something great happens — maybe you had to tighten up your belt buckle another notch — write it down on a slip of paper and throw it into a big mason “jar of awesome”.

The idea is to keep collecting these nuggets so that when you need to get through a tough time, you can go over these fortune cookie-esque reminders that things aren’t all bad. This can be particularly helpful for super ambitious people who easily become obsessed with an end result and completely miss all of the milestones and small wins in-between. When you can learn to appreciate the “small wins”, you can feel that much more accomplished and happier when you get to your Great Big Goal.

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