Domino's Pizza Is About To Get More Expensive On Sundays

Image: Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza will be jacking up its menu prices by 10 per cent on Sundays. This surcharge has been introduced due to an increase in weekend penalty rates for Domino's workers. If you're currently watching your pennies, the smart move here is to avoid Domino's Pizza on Sundays entirely. Problem solved!

As reported in the SMH, Domino's Pizza is introducing a 25 per cent Sunday penalty rate to its workers which will be paid for by a new Sunday surcharge to customers. The pay increase was introduced voluntarily in a bid to meet industry practice as part of a 'modernisation process'. The new payment model been agreed to by all Domino's franchisees.

"We value our employees and believe this voluntary increase is an important step in rewarding them for their commitment to our business and our customers," the company said in a statement.

We're all for fast food employees getting a fairer pay rate. We also don't blame Domino's for passing on the costs to customers: that's just how business works. However, the Sunday price hike will still sting a little, particularly if you're organising a large order for footy final parties and the like.

Whenever possible, we suggest switching your naughty lunch/dinner to a different day of the week. That way, Domino's workers still get their pay increase and you don't have to wear the costs.

Alternatively, if you absolutely must eat Domino's on Sunday, search OzBargain or PizzaCodes for a discount: the company regularly offers deals that render the surcharge null and void.

[Via SMH]


    If you're currently watching your pennies, the smart move here is to avoid Domino's Pizza on Sundays entirely.

    ...the smart move here is to avoid Domino's Pizza entirely I fixed it for you.

    Even though i dont buy from these guys because the pizza is terrible, If i was id be more than happy to pay more on sunday so people get a fair wage.

    I'll pay more to help pay the wages of the workers.

      You obviously missed their massive profits last financial year.

    I was a pizza delivery driver for Dominos when I was at uni - the pay was pretty shit, and we didn't get weekend penalty rates. Anything that helps them get better wages is a good thing.

    Dominoes made $92million profit last year. Plus their drone stuff and other wastes of money makes this seem it is by no means to pay wages.

    Dominos never tasted excellent at my rate scale. They are below average plus I am not at all satisfied with the serving. They prepare one pizza at a time I don't know what was the reason, maybe it was a new branch or so.

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