PizzaCodes: The App That Ensures You Never Pay Full Price For Pizza

PizzaCodes is a new web app that collects the best online pizza deals from Domino's, Pizza Hut and Eagle Boys. To get a deal, you simply click on your favoured pizza outlet and check out the available discount codes for that store.

Developed in Brisbane, PizzaCodes is an online deals aggregator similar to OzBargain, RetailMeNot and other discount coupon sites. The main difference is that it solely concerns itself with pizza.

Currently, the site only covers the "big three" (AKA Domino's, Pizza Hut and Eagle Boys) with additional franchises on the way. Users can vote coupons up or down by joining the PizzaCodes Facebook page and also submit any deals that they've spotted themselves.

To be honest, PizzaCodes doesn't really offer anything that you can't already find on OzBargain, but its dedication to pizza does save you from excessive scrolling or searching. We'd also like to see external links added that take your directly to the deal. Hopefully this will be added in a future update.

Minor quibbles aside, we think this is a pretty solid service that every pizza addict should immediately bookmark.



    Looks like an alternative to retailmenot, though just for pizza. Not a bad idea though.

      Hence the line "Developed in Brisbane, PizzaCodes is an online deals aggregator similar to OzBargain, RetailMeNot and other discount coupon sites."

        the problem for me is that they say "similar to" but what they mean is, "for the forseeable future until we have a lot of users in every area, we are just stealing the codes from these sites".

    Thanks Lifehacker and Marrkdaviid. This is the developer of the site here. RetailMeNot was definitely my inspiration and it's a great site for general discount coupons.
    Being just for pizza lets us focus on ensuring the codes work, are updated and the community is solid. Now that's a tasty deal.

      I'm less convinced of your contribution to society as per my post above. This to me feels very much like a 'me too' product, when sites like Retailmenot work quite fine with their voting systems.

      This isn't like the commodities market where more = merrier, this is basically information dilution, unless you have some actual affiliation with these companies or some functionality to bring something that other sites cannot or do not currently.

      Last edited 18/02/14 7:15 pm

        It's just pizza, man.

          Business be businessing, regardless of what the product is. And I will have you know that as a programmer - I'm very passionate about my pizza.. !

    I only eat Pizza Capers. But they've got a lot lower in quality with no price reduction since they were sold in 2012

    @michael_debyl, what sets us apart from RetailMeNot and OzBargain is that we've got a system (Coming out of beta in the next few days) where you can find store specific coupons. Often times a coupon you find on other coupon sites wont work at your local stores as they are specific to a single store or region, since on retailmenot you can only search on a brand of pizza as a whole, not a specific store that belongs to that Pizza company.

    That's why we started up, so you can find the codes that work at the stores near you. Thanks

    Last edited 18/02/14 8:09 pm

      Good to hear that you're striving to differentiate yourself, and appreciate your reply.

        Hey @michael_debyl. This feature is now live for Dominos with store by store coupons. Check it out :)

          My local store ain't on the list. In fact, Most of NSW Dominos stores aren't on the list.
          How do I view the community codes? Doesn't appear to be a link.

    Any plans to add some of the smaller or more niche chains like La Porchetta, Crust, pizza fellas, etc.?

      Yes absolutely, we've been in touch with some of the smaller stores and will be getting them integrated with the site. Keep an eye on the site for updates.

      Last edited 19/02/14 11:01 am

    Pshaw! As if Crust ever has coupons! (at least in VIC)

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