Make A Solar Powered Survival Water Filter Out Of Two Water Bottles

Video: If you need to filter some water for drinking or cooking, this DIY solution uses the power of the sun.

In this video from the MAD Science Hacks YouTube channel, you'll learn how to create a simple water filtration system that uses the heating power of the sun. You'll need two water bottles, some thin PVC pipe and a way to attach the bottle's caps together (they use hot glue). Stick the caps together, then drill a hole through them both. Now attach the PVC pipe to one of the water bottle caps as shown in the video and it's ready to go. Put dirty water in the bottle without the pipe, set it down in the sun and screw on the caps. As water the heats up and evaporates in the bottom bottle, the steam makes its way up into the second bottle where it gathers and reforms as water. It takes a while for it to work, but it's a trick that could come in handy while camping or if you're in a survival situation.

Homemade Solar Water Filter [YouTube]


    Or you could just use the power of the Sun

      Actually, no.

      Your article is about disinfecting water, whereas this is filtering it. If your water is full of dirt, it doesn't matter how long you leave it out in the sun for - it's still going to be full of dirt.

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