Bring Water Bottle Caps Into Concerts To Protect Your Drink

Bring Water Bottle Caps Into Concerts To Protect Your Drink

Some arenas remove the caps from bottled water to prevent them being used as missiles. The fixTake a few caps of your own.

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You'll pay through the nose for water at major venues, but security may also ban you from bringing your own in. The solution? Before you head out to the show or game, pack a few different sized bottle caps in your pocket or purse. Assuming you aren't planning on getting violent, this will make it much easier to save your water to sip throughout the event, without worrying about spillage.

This trick works best if you've been to the venue before, and have some idea of what kind of water bottles they use, but you can always bring a handful of them if you aren't sure.

Bring a water bottle cap into concerts [Reddit]


  • It’s a nice idea. Handy actually. But that really depends on the concert you are at right? Now I know you obviously didn’t intend for people using water bottle in an unscrupulous manner and that is fair enough. But sometimes sometimes people just want to bring water bottle caps into concerts to make their own missiles. Especially if there’s twerking involved 😀

  • I generally bring a pop top cap in with me. I can’t remember ever being at a concert where they confiscate your lids, but I find I drink more water and don’t end up with a massive hangover if a pop top is handy.

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