Use This Formula To Figure Out How Many Lollies It Would Take To Kill You

Over on the Reactions YouTube channel, they worked out a formula that gives you an estimate for how many lollies it’d take to kill you. The video uses a lethal dose formula called LD50, which in this case equals the toxicity for things consumed all at once. This doesn’t necessary guarantee death, it’s just an approximation that would likely kill about half the population. Of course, they also can’t kill humans to verify this, so it’s a rough estimate based on studies in rats. Either way, to figure out about how many sweets you’d need to eat to kill you, just substitute your weight in for W (in pounds, in this case, so you’ll have to do a bit of unit conversion) in the equation:


It’s likely an insanely large number that most of us will never actually get close to eating in a single sitting, which is why it’s probably safe to let your kids eat all the lollies they want.

How Much Candy Would Kill You? [YouTube]


  • Talk about a lazy article. OK I”ll do your job for you…

    1 kilogram is 2.20462 pounds. 13.5/9.3 = 1.4516
    That works out to about: 3.2 fun size candies per kilogram body weight.

    13.5 / 1.5 = 9
    That gives you: 19.84 candy corns per kilogram of body weight.

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