Seinfeld Is Coming To Stan In HD Widescreen

Seinfeld Is Coming To Stan In HD Widescreen

Australian streaming service Stan has acquired the rights to every single episode of the hit TV show Seinfeld. What’s more, they’ve been digitally remastered in high-def widescreen to take advantage of modern tellies. You can start binge watching this Friday. (George is getting excited!)

From 11 November, all nine seasons of Seinfeld will be available to watch on Stan. That’s a whopping 180 episodes of close talkers, low talkers, high talkers, puffy shirts, manziers, shrinkage, bubble boys, bizarro Jerrys, mimbos, man-hands, soup nazis, Mulvas and yada-yada-yada.

The deal is part of a new partnership with Sony Pictures Television which also includes recent series like Preacher, Underground, and Masters of Sex. But we’re most excited to watch Jerry and the gang in HD. Bring your own pretzels.

Here’s the announcement from Stan:

Finally, Seinfeld fanatics will be able to stream all nine seasons of the iconic comedy. That’s 180 episodes for those already planning their marathon. Stan has struck a deal with Sony Pictures Television to bring the series to subscribers back-to-back and ad-free from November 11. All episodes on Stan have been remastered in widescreen and HD.


  • Seinfeld looks really good in HD, but the show wasn’t created 16:9 safe, and the decision to make widescreen masters so idiots won’t whinge about “black curtains” on their telly is truly disappointing and results in quite heavy cropping of the image.

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