Donald Trump Wins The US Election: What The Hell Just Happened?

Donald Trump Wins The US Election: What The Hell Just Happened?

First there was the Brexit and now Republican nominee Donald Trump has been called as next President of The United States. ABC election analyst Antony Green said Donald Trump has secured enough Electoral College votes to claim the US presidency. 2016 has not been a good year.

ABC election analyst Antony Green has called the US election: Trump won. Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair said the Democratic nominee will have nothing further to say:

“We’re not gonna have anything more to say tonight. So listen to me, everybody, you should head home. You should get some sleep. We’ll have more to say tomorrow.”

I’m actually speechless at the results. Luckily, Twitter users have been quite vocal about the win. I’ll let them speak about the election results:

Others see a silver lining:


  • Democracy happened.

    And if the Dems had nominated their democratically elected candidate, they would have won the election.

    • The US isn’t a democracy, it’s a republic. There are semantic differences, key among them that the electors have no obligation to cast their votes in line with the popular vote within their state. The fact that most states cast all their votes for the same candidate is also distinctly anti-democratic. Add that the distribution of electoral votes hasn’t reflected population differences in a long time with the one-round voting system they use and it bears very little resemblance to democracy.

      That said, I agree with your second comment. Sanders would have won this election easily, Clinton was always a weak choice.

      • Well said.

        I was critical of his choice to exit in the beginning, his gains were hard to ignore.
        But I’ve followed him closely, he is politician, but he isn’t sitting quietly counting the money, he’s been very active in promoting the beginnings of a party.

        If he turns out to be genuine, I wouldn’t blame him for walking away this cycle though, there was too much at play.

        It’s going to be an interesting few weeks though.

      • I don’t think Bernie Sanders could have won this race either. Donald Trump is a very dark person and would have said or did anything to destroy anyone who went up against him. He would have went after Bernie Jewish religion for sure. Our president elect is very dark, vindictive, revengeful with no empathy for anyone he hurts or destroy. This is the will of the people, so I can accept it, but I don’t have to like it and I don’t.

  • I’m speechless.
    I always joked that americans were slightly slow.
    but the Majority of them has just voted Trump as president, what does that tell you?

    for the smart ones, guys, please leave to another country worthy of you. you’re going against the tide of idiocy and you will never win.

    No matter how many smart, educated americans are out there, they’re outnumbered by Trump voters, that is so sad.

    I just hope this is a wakeup call for the rest of the world, to take America for what it is, rather than the idealised version we’ve been sold.

    • Well obviously they’re not that slow because they didn’t vote HRC.

      It just goes to show that propaganda is less effective in the internet age.

      • There were some maps done recently of voting preferences by education level at the county level nation-wide. There are clear statistical trends that better-educated voters typically vote Democrat while worse-educated voters typically vote Republican. This is a long-term trend independent of the candidates involved, so has nothing to do with Clinton or Trump specifically.

    • I’m not surprised at all.

      America had the choice between a corrupt career politician with a score of scandals behind and before her, or a loudmouth idiot who beyond a few stupid and empty comments, isn’t seen as part of the American oligarchs and has no history in politics.

      Both ran cringeworthy propaganda campaigns, but Hillary needed to make Trump a monster where he only needed to remind people who she is.

      The thing that leaves me speechless, is that the world got sucked in to this stage show and either ignored or mocked those who were right all along.
      That’s why I went and invested heavily against the markets last week, because this conclusion was bloody obvious.

      Now I get to watch all the financial experts act shocked and confused
      (Even though they are doing the same as me on a massive scale)

      • It was amazing to watch an international media so out of touch with what was happening and so many educated and smart friends who didn’t get it.

        On a plus note, maybe now we will find out what happened to the emails 🙂

  • Maybe because of this the world economies will collapse and reset and we’ll all have a fresh start… after a massive fall, of course.

    • Pretty much.

      It’s Brexit 2.0, complete with a nation of dullards who don’t actually understand what they voted for.

      Follow the money

  • Well the new leader of the free world… doesnt want a free world, so first thing is the other nations might want to revoke that title from him when he starts tearing up trade and military agreements.

  • Just goes to show that, in the US anyone can become anything, even the court fool can become king.

  • Im angry in disbelief. I guess because i actually watched Donald Trump closely jst curious and i was always shocked that he could make comments like ” people will believe anything you say. If you say it enough” I THOUGHT wow how dare he think that Americans are so simple? Well he sure opened my eyes to how simple Americans have become so easily influenced and We are suppose to be the Super Power i wonder how many countries are waking up rethinking just how much respect and desire they have to come to what weve been able to sale to the world thats this is the greatest democracy and everyone should model their country after us. As an american I NO LONGER BELIEVE it so how can anyone else. Im embarrassed bc the world now has definitive proof that all the polls that has had US trailing in the wolrd on edcation was true. Because tonight weve shown them that Millions of uneducated white americans voted a man that doesnt apoligized for sexual assaults against women doesnt apoligize for insighting violence aagainst anyone who does not agree with everything he stands for. We went from the cusp of having history made and American little girls having something that they could be proud ofthe people reassuring them that they can be anything that little boys can be by becoming president. To now having a woman to look up to that hasnoting to actually say or contribute just stands there being pretty. But hey maybe now playboy will have a new re surface because now our little girls can go back a hundred years in thinking that if your at least pretty you can land a rich jerk of a husband and get paid lots of money to do a nude spread just look our 1st “Lady” made it…? What the ???. Uneducated America this election was about more than just your selfish Personal job loss lets gain the right to control everyones personal right positions and about more than keeping anyone who doesnt look like you out of the country.Americans have become so self rightlous that we no longer have compassion for the next man we no longer care about anyone outside our own doors its very sad. We have to deal with other countries we cant bully and shut out the world stop allowing aconversation for a one word collective. I have watched then line of seperation of church and state be blurred til its non existant. This man youve elected lost 93 million of his own personal dollars in one year but youve given him control of the coutries for 4 years? You said your upset because job loss to other countries and cheap chinese steel but you hire sumone that uses that cheap steel and the cheap labor and his excuse is well it was the law if the gogovernment didnt allow it ibwouldnt have used it? What? Uneducation makes that mentally make sense? No i dont have a college degree its called common sense. I never understand why ppl are angry at government but not angry at the corporations who send the jobs away. Just because you can do something legally doesnt mean you should do it. Wake up. But the ine thing that brings me peace in all this is the fact that those who made this situatoon so will learn soon that this was not a high school presidential election and when the bully shows up and shows out that hes never cared about you or anything that matters to you maybe then you will see just how dumb you were your all to ok with others rights being taken away. When the rights you personally hold fo not fit in with what matters to him and you loose yours maybe it will make you see and have a little more compassion for others maybe its time that you feel how it is to be stripped of things youve faught and died for. Because when the south started to feel how it felt to have people come in and tell them what they did and didnt have the right to do to others all hell broke loose and they started to die for the right to do to othwrs what they wanted to do they didnt like how it felt to have their rights taken away even tho the did it for hundreds of years to others. Maybe this will be a wake up call. Its aure opened my eyes to alot. My only wish was if Trump gets us into any conflicts .. Bush the 1st people to have to go fight his crap would be all the uneducated people who gave him the right to the button let them go fight his bull crap let them be pulled from family die get wounded for his mess. And trustb me ppl Trump sayes he loves the vets and the death rate ofreturning vets by their own hands is a cincern for him…. How can it be his own brother killed himself bc of the way him and his father belittled him because he didnt adopt the “wunning attitude” in bbusiness like him and followed his own dreams and they hounded him anout that made it seem like his accomplishments were nothing he started drinking and killed himself and all trump said was “well he wasnt a Winner”??? What this person was his blood he didnt care so hes suppose to care fir you? He didnt care that he lost his inverstors people that believed in him supported him back him in his business ventures lostbthem billions when the casinos he bought went bust went to wsll street sold off the stocks made himself 40 million dollars for them and lost his friends supporters billions with a B. Threatened to sue the people who warned of the loss made the loose their jobs for seaking up agaimst him. And all he had to say when he did loose “i was a winner i mafe 40 million snd when asked about his inverstors looses well “guess they just werent winners”. And this is our leader. Check my facts like you should have checked his before. You few that elected a Vice president. That wasnt who was running hes a good person i feel but to soft spoken to ever get trump to do what he thinks is right. Again dont thinknfully through a thought. America Good luck. Im jst watching what happens from now on. I no longer wil participate in this democracy. Im disabled live off 600 a month and even i hadnt lost faith and trust. Hillary wasnt given a fair shake she never got a faur stsnce on the good that she has done all her years in gov. Alot of the heath benefits those poor uneducated voters had for their children came frim her years spent fightung for them. Instead of blindly following waiting for press web sites or Dinald Trump to tell you what she dud or didnt do. You should had researched. But oh guess if you wanted to work for imformation you wouldnt still be Un Educated.hope youGet Everything coming to you over these next 4 years

  • Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest.

    Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

  • For everyone who says Americans are stupid for voting in trump, take a moment to look at our own past glorious leaders.

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