US Election Results: How To Watch The Winner Declared Live In Australia

On Wednesday, the US election winner will finally be declared and there will be a new president. Will it be Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton or the Republican Party’s Donald Trump? The outcome could have a lasting consequence on the Australian economy – so it’s important to pay attention. Here’s how to watch the election results as they trickle in from each US state and when you can expect to know who won the presidency.

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The USA’s highly controversial 2016 presenditial election is entering its final hours. We will soon know who the leader of the free world is. If you want to keep abreast of the US election results as they unfold, here’s everything you need to know.

When does the US election take place?

In the US, voting is set to occur on November 8 throughout the day. In Australia, this translates to 10pm tonight, although the majority of voting will commence on our Wednesday. By 5pm AEDT, all voting booths will have closed – however, it is likely that we will already know the winner before this time.

How is the winner decided?

The first nominee to amass 270 electoral college votes is declared the winner.

When will we know who the US president is?

If past elections are anything to go by, the result will likely be called by major US television networks around 3pm AEDT. However, if the results are close we may not know the winner for some days — as happened during the highly contested 2000 election between Al Gore and George W. Bush.

How can I watch the US election unfold?

If you have access to a TV, you will be able to watch local coverage on free-to-air networks throughout the day. Most will begin Live coverage from around 11am. Foxtel subscribers can also watch the action unfold on SKY News from 2am.

TV Tonight has a solid overview of each network’s broadcast schedule and panelists. Read it here.

ABC will be sending out live election alerts via Facebook Messenger and its mobile app. Click here to find out how to get it up and running.

If you prefer to get your news from the man on the street, Twitter is your best bet: keep close tabs on the hashtags #USElection, #Election2016 and #USElections2016 to see what people are thinking.

Most news sites will also be running electoral maps that show the results across every US state in real time. Click here for The United States Studies Centre’s map.

What happens if Trump wins?

It could be business as usual. Or it could get weird. Read Business Insider’s take on what President Trump might do next.

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