50 Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola [Infographic]

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Coca-Cola was originally marketed as a nerve tonic and substitute for morphine. No, really. Over the past 130-odd years, consumers have used the beverage as a DIY solution for almost every problem you can imagine. This infographic looks at 50 alternate uses for Coke; from neutralising jellyfish stings to cleaning your toilet.

Okay, we freely admit that some of these are a bit dubious - especially the ones about tanning, reducing the risk of kidney stones and removing blockages in the digestive tract. Nevertheless, there are a few handy solutions below that are well worth a try.

[Via Varooma]


    Pretty sure Coca-Cola cleaning properties come from the phosphoric acid, which is an actual ingredient. Pretty sure the carbonic acid referred to above is only there as a trace byproduct of dissolving CO2 in water.

      and the phosphoric acid is only their to stop you from vomiting when you ingest all that sugar

    when I was at high school... alot of the 'popular' girls used buy coke ny the crate full.

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