Coke Just Launched An 'Adults Only' Cola Range

Image: Coca-Cola

Remember Coca-Cola Coffee, the flavour combination no one really asked for but Coca-Cola gave us anyway? Well, it's now expanding with a limited-edition 'Batch Blends' range, supposedly designed for more 'adult' consumption. Here's what we know.

The Batch Blends range includes two new flavours: Caramel and Coffee and Coffee and Chocolate, adding even more flavours that don't necessarily mix well with that classic Coke taste.

Coca-Cola's press release for the new product describes it as "dark and mysterious" alternative to regular Coke, which is "made to be enjoyed while socialising." Just like the original Coca-Cola plus Coffee, this range is also zero sugar.

The new flavours are pitched as a more sophisticated non-alcoholic option for evening drinks, or even as an interesting cocktail ingredient or mixer. I'm still dubious as to who this is actually going to appeal to, though.

If you do want to try it for yourself, well... you'll have to go looking for it. Coca-Cola hasn't said anything more about its availability except that you can find it in "an exclusive range of bars, hotels, cafes and restaurants." We're not even sure if it'll be available in all states or just some major Aussie cities.

In case you're wondering about the regular coffee-flavoured Coca-Cola, you can check out what we thought of it in the video below!


    Gross, why does it have to be sugar free?

      That's an odd complaint

        Why? I don't like the flavour of whatever other sweetners they use. I don't drink coke very often so I'd rather have one coke with regular sugar than 20 sugar free abominations.

    Ah......but will it go with bourbon?

    well as a non-drinker, having more options is certainly great! and no-sugar is good too. It sure beats lemonade / soda water/ standard coke rotation. It does feel like this is appealing to the 1% .. but I am intrigued and wouldn't mind trying it!

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