50 Cool Things You Can Do With Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola was originally marketed as a nerve tonic and substitute for morphine. No, really. Over the past 130-odd years, consumers have used the beverage as a DIY solution for almost every problem you can imagine. This infographic looks at 50 alternate uses for Coke; from neutralising jellyfish stings to cleaning your toilet.

Okay, we freely admit that some of these are a bit dubious - especially the ones about tanning, reducing the risk of kidney stones and removing blockages in the digestive tract. Nevertheless, there are a few handy solutions below that are well worth a try.

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    51. An enema of Coke will cure all that ills you and extend your life.

    Given most of the above, I would have thought the last thing you should do is actually drink this poison. The amount of sugar alone in a can of Coke is a detriment to your health, let alone the rest of its possible uses.

      Everything in moderation. A glass (or can) now and then isn't going to kill you, 5 a day might. It's also worth considering that a lot of popular soft drinks have more sugar than coke does. But they don't get the media hate. Take a look at a couple of the popular iced tea brands, they're terrible.

      Another couple things not mentioned in the article. The caffeine in coke speeds the metabolism and has much the same effect as coffee in the morning if you need encouragement to poop. It also speeds absorption of certain drugs (caffeine I mean). Which is why you see some migraine medication using caffeine (Cafergot). It also improves pain relief when combined with Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. I often get migraines and tension headaches and start with a glass of coke and ibuprofen as pain relief.


    considering the cost of coke these days thats a damn expensive cleaning product.

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