How To Cut String With Your Bare Hands

Sometimes you can use your brute strength to rip string apart with your bare hands. More often than not it's a catastrophic failure that leave you with that weird red mark around your hands.

This neat little video shows you a quick, mostly foolproof way of cutting string with your bare hands, (mostly) pain free.

It's a trick that involve using the friction of the string itself as opposed to sheer strength. Genius.

Also worthy of note: this is pretty much a perfect instructional video. So many of these things tend to drag on, with pointless chit-chat. This does exactly what it says on the tin.

I will be trying this next time I can't be bothered looking for a pair of scissors.


    That's technically not cutting. Cutting is done through compression and shearing the material.
    He used friction to wear though the material in an abrasive fashion.

      ^ this guy

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