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When I started at Lifehacker last July, I quickly got into a routine of plonking myself at my desk and sitting there all day, barely moving out of my chair. Though I was no Herculean physical specimen beforehand, my previous job was far more physical, so I began losing my fitness quickly at a desk. Battling my belly and lethargy, I decided to take up running. It sucked.

But I learnt to make it suck much less.


Anyone who claims they've never dreamed of being a rock star is either a philistine or a liar. They are the closest thing to living gods we have: especially in the heady, hairy '70s era. Unfortunately, most of us never progress beyond music/rhythm video games or air-guitar gyrations in the bedroom.

This is where the 100 Riffs video series comes in: it explains how to play no less than 100 classic guitar riffs - from Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water to ACDC's TNT. Best of all, there are options for one finger, open chord, power chord and barre chord players, which means novices and advanced players are equally well catered for.


Order some hot chips from a fish'n'chip shop in Australia and you'll be graced by the quintessential Australian spice: Chicken salt. Most Australian kitchen cupboards are full of the stuff, but if you're looking to make your own this two minute tutorial by YouTube channel Free To Cook is ideal. You'll only need seven ingredients.


Getting a virtual reality headset might make for a pretty impressive christmas present, but unless you've got enough computing power to use the thing, consider it a very expensive paperweight. Depending on the system powering your headset, either a PC or a PS4, here's how to get it prepped and ready for virtual reality.


Bitcoin’s had a bit of a rocky end to the year. After clearing the $25,000AUD mark earlier in December, in the lead up to Christmas its value plummeted and people panicked. Especially new Bitcoin investors, who thought the going was good. It seemed everyone wanted to get rid of their coins before it dropped any further – but where exactly can you spend your bitcoins in Australia anyway?

As it turns out, not very many places.


Congratulations, proud owner of a new iPad! You no doubt want to get started swiping, tapping, consuming, and creating whatever your heart desires, especially if you've got your hands on an Apple Pencil. But before you jump into the App Store and fill your tablet, you'll want to change a few settings beforehand, if only to keep your cellular data from running dry, your battery from running low, and your privacy from being violated.


Slime took over the world in 2017. There are kids with Instagram accounts dedicated to making and selling slime that have hundreds of thousands of followers. There was a glue shortage at the beginning of the year because everybody was making slime.

Depending on the type of slime you want to make, you'll only need to pull together a few common ingredients to begin your Slime Empire.


Earlier today the Ashes kicked off - arguably Australia's biggest sporting rivalry with England. But it's not the only world sport that the two nations do battle in today. No! There's also the Rugby League World Cup Final.

Australia have coasted through the tournament, whereas England were lucky to escape Tonga in their semi-final last weekend. It all comes down to just one more match tonight. Here's where you can watch the World Cup Final live, online and free.


The most common "how to" search term on Google is "how to tie a tie." And the most common "how to fix" search is "how to fix a door," according to Google's new visual breakdown of the most popular "how to" searches worldwide from 2004 to 2017.


There’s currently a rumour spreading like wildfire through Facebook and other social media services that voting ‘YES’ in the upcoming same-sex marriage survey could result in your vote counting against legalising same-sex marriage. That is not the case.


Working remotely as part of a larger workforce can be a real drag - while you usually have more autonomy, it often feels like you're not really part of the team. The Flying Solo blog offers up an interesting idea for letting solo workers tap into some of the social and motivational benefits of group working.


Having a shiny new phone with a big, bright, beautiful display and a powerful octa-core processor is one thing, but those important bits of hardware do tend to use up quite a bit of electricity. With that in mind, there are some things worth remembering to make sure your phone needs to visit the charger as rarely as possible.

These are the simplest, most straightforward things - but also the things that we forget to do - to save your phone's battery life, and maximise it wherever you can.


Step-by-step guides are our bread and butter here at Lifehacker, and you seem to enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them. From start to finish, here are the best how-to guides we published in 2016.