Break A Length Of String With Your Bare Hands

Need to cut string but don't have anything sharp? You can break even a strong length of string with this trick.

As shown in the video above, you can break even a fairly strong piece of string by creating a loop in the centre of your palm, wrapping one end several times around your finger, and yanking hard on the other end. If you want a more detailed look at this trick, check out this video on MetaCafe.

Break String Without a Blade [Hackaday]


    Five fingers on the table later... there you go son, that's how you snap string.... :)

      I use this technique all the time, and it works pretty awesomely. But, I don't wrap the string around my little finger - that's just unnecessary and kinda stupid. Just grip that string end between your thumb & index finger, it doesn't need to tourniquet your pinky!

      you know what else works awesomely? The HTC One.

      Oh crap, wrong website...

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