These Slow Cooker Breakfast Kits Make Your Mornings Beyond Easy

These Slow Cooker Breakfast Kits Make Your Mornings Beyond Easy

Breakfast made in a slow cooker is already a fairly streamlined affair, but making slow cooker breakfast kits makes for an even easier morning meal routine.

Photo by Scott Riggle.

This idea from The Kitchn improves on an already great practice. By chucking a bunch of breakfast-y ingredients in your Crock-Pot and letting them cook overnight, you get to serve your family (and yourself) a hot, delicious breakfast without doing one bit of cooking before your coffee. Take it a step further and make a bunch of breakfast kits, and you’ll barely have to think about your morning meal all week.

Click the link below for The Kitchn’s awesome recipe, but this method can be applied to any slow-cooker breakfast casserole you take a shining to. The key is to just portion out the individual ingredients of the casserole into freezer bags, pressing the air out of them as you seal so they lay flat. Freeze them all on a baking sheet, then slide the frozen components into a 4L-sized bag, label with cooking instructions and pop back in the freezer until you’re ready to cook. You can make a whole bunch of these kits at once, meaning you only have to dishes once, which is something that should brighten your morning and evening.

How To Make Slow-Cooker Breakfast Casserole Kits [The Kitchn]

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