The Crashing Waves Desktop

The Crashing Waves Desktop

katil10‘s desktop is well-customised, pretty minimal, but also just energetic enough to make us want to sit down and get stuff done. Here’s how it’s all set up, and what you’ll need to get the same beautiful, personalised look.

First of all, this is (even if you can’t tell), a windows desktop, so you’ll need Rainmeter to customise it. If you’re not familiar with it, this guide can walk you through the basics.

Once you have those down, here’s what else you’ll need:

That’s all there is to this one, and it’s not a ton of skins or moving parts, which is great. Even so, it still offers a unique, personal look that we can really get behind. If you have questions about the setup, or want to know how katil10 got part of it to look just so, head over to the Kinja blog linked below and ask away!

Oceans Crashing [katil10]