There’s A Big Demand For IT Executives In Australia Right Now

Organisations are increasingly on the lookout for professionals that can fill IT executive roles, according to a report by employment consultancy firm E.L Consult. Here’s what you need to know.

E.L Consult has released its monthly employment index that shows the level of demand for executives across Australia in different verticals. According to the company, the E.L Index is a strong indicator of what economic and business trends are impacting Australia.

Overall, new jobs offered to executives in July went up by 17 per cent and is at its highest point since July 2013. Every employment sector measured by the executive index went up last month, including IT, which jumped by 14 per cent. The IT index was also up in June.

“Two consecutive monthly increases are rare for the industry given there is a significant gap between the nature of the IT investment decision and full implementation,” the E.L Index report said. IT management roles are known to be extremely lucrative as well.

Apart from South Australia and Queensland, every state and region experienced strong growth in their demand for executive management talent.

“Despite some clear weaknesses in the Australian economy there is appears to be a lot of life left,” E.L Index managing director Grant Montgomery said in a statement. “There is a lot of money around and this international and domestic liquidity is lighting a fire under the economy.

“… While it is not as politically sensitive to lower business investment rates on Reserve Bank fluctuations, Australia is still becoming a more and more attractive place for companies to spend on capital expansion.”

Montgomery also noted that with the protracted election period behind us, businesses are beginning to ramp up activity again, which has contributed to the growth in executive hires:

“Business may prefer the Coalition Government, yes, but most importantly there is more certainty. Business hates making decisions where there is uncertainty and this time around it included taxation, superannuation, negative gearing and even union power issues that made any corporate budget or cash flow potentially highly inaccurate.”
“It’s almost as if a flood gate was opened by the election ending and business is employing again.”

He caveats that straight quarter gains are difficult to sustain but the results are a great start to the new financial year and it’s encouraging to see employment trending upwards.

The bottom line is, if you’re an IT professional angling for a promotion or a position in management, it may be a good time to take action. For those who are seeking a promotion at their current jobs, here’s some advice on how to groom yourself for a new role. For people who are seeking a better position elsewhere, we have some tips on how to tidy up your resume and how to tackle job interviews.

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