These Are The Most In-Demand Jobs And Skills In Australia

This week, ManpowerGroup released its 11th annual Talent Shortage Survey which takes a snapshot of the most in-demand occupations in Australia. It found that 38 per cent of Australian employers are having difficulties filling job vacancies due to talent shortages. If you’re looking for work (or a high-paying career change), these are the skills you should be training up in.

This year’s result is down four percentage points compared to last year, making it the lowest level since 2007. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of professions that are failing to meet demand in Australia, with skilled trades and engineers leading the pack.

“It’s a positive sign to see this year’s results are at the lowest level since before the GFC, but that’s not to say there aren’t still challenges for employers when it comes to sourcing and securing the right talent,” Richard Fischer, ManpowerGroup ANZ managing director said in a statement.

“Looking at the current economic outlook for Australia, it’s unlikely this talent shortage figure will continue to drop significantly. Especially when looking at highly skilled industries such as the IT sector, where demand is likely to rise even further in the coming years as roles around integration of mobile application, solutions and cloud computing rapidly increase.”

According to the 1500 employers in the survey, the top three reasons positions have been difficult to fill were lack of experience (23%), lack of available applicants (21%) and lack of hard skills (20%). Here are the top ten positions that were hardest to fill in 2016.

Jobs most in demand in 2016 in Australia:

  1. Skilled trades
  2. Engineers
  3. Management/executives
  4. Sales representatives
  5. IT staff
  6. Accounting and finance staff
  7. Doctors and other non-nursing health professionals
  8. Technicians
  9. Office support staff
  10. Drivers

This is quite similar to last year’s list, although the rankings have hopped around a bit.
(The change is largely down to the construction boom, driven by large infrastructure projects across Victoria and New South Wales which has increased the demand for skilled trades and engineers.)

Jobs most in demand in 2015 in Australia:

  1. Skilled trades
  2. Management/executives
  3. Sales representatives
  4. Engineers
  5. Technicians
  6. Labourers
  7. Accounting and finance staff
  8. Drivers
  9. IT professionals
  10. Office support staff

The survey also showed that 76 per cent of employers are responding to talent shortages by training and developing existing employees to fill open positions. This is good news if you’re looking to branch out into a new position with your current employer — they could potentially ‘upskill’ you for free.

“We’re seeing an increased importance on what we call ‘learnability’, which is the desire and aptitude to learn new skills,” Fischer said.

“This attribute will help individuals become and stay employable throughout their career journey, and materialises a trend we believe will continue over the coming years… Organisations are choosing to invest in upskilling and traineeships. If employers can’t find the perfect fit, they seek the ‘teachable’ fit and invest in their employees.”

You won’t know until you ask.

[Via Business Insider]

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