Spiral-Cut Pool Noodles Make Great All-Purpose Cushions

Video: Have some extra pool noodles around? This video is chock-full of great pool noodle tricks, including a way to spiral-cut them into padding that you can wrap around almost anything.

If you have some deck chairs that could use comfier arm rests, or want to keep your little ones from bumping into the sharp edges of your furniture, this video from the Shake the Future YouTube channel will show you how to do it on the cheap. All you need to do is cut a few pool noodles with a box cutter so it becomes a springy spiral. In the video, he creates a simple tool out of mouldable thermoplastic to cut the noodle, but you can also do it by hand if you’re careful. Once you have it cut, wrap it around whatever needs a little extra padding. And the grip of the spiral noodle makes it useful for holding tools too. Twist the noodle onto a clothesline, then insert a flashlight to give yourself some extra light. It’s like having an extra hand.

8 Pool Noodle Life Hacks & DIY’s [YouTube]

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