Use Pool Noodles to Protect Your Bikes and Computer Monitors

Use Pool Noodles to Protect Your Bikes and Computer Monitors
Screenshot: Lifehacker / YouTube

If you have a surplus of pool and beach toys just lying around begging to be put to use, have we got some life hacks for you. Sure you could just store these items until the next warm season, but it’s so much more fun to cut them up and use them in unique ways around the house.

Our Favourite Unconventional Uses for Pool Noodles

Did you know that you can only order pool noodles in packs of six or more? Because I learned the hard way.

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Since our last post about pool noodles, many readers left comments about how they use these foam tubes. There were so many suggestions that we decided to make an entirely new video with five more applications.

Many people suggested affixing them to your garage walls in order to protect your bumper. This is a good hack, however my in-laws would not let me drill pool noodles into their walls for the purpose of a video. Instead, I cut them down the middle and used them to pad a bike frame, protecting the bike from getting damaged, and keeping the bike itself from damaging any thing (or person) it may bang into.

For all of our pool noodle uses, check out the video below:

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