6 Silly But Clever Uses For Pool Noodles

6 Silly But Clever Uses For Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are one of the weirdest pool toys. They float, and that’s about the only reason they’re good for water games. Do yourself a favour and use them around the house instead.

Most of these tricks will involve cutting your pool noodle in some form or another. Most serrated knives will work just fine for this task. As always, measure twice and cut once to ensure you don’t waste precious noodles.

Create a Bumper in Your Garage to Prevent Dings

Storing your car in the garage to keep it protected from the elements doesn’t do much good if you ding the door every time you open it. Attach a pool noodle to the wall right next to where you park your vehicle to prevent damage to either your car or the wall.

Fill Boots with Noodles to Keep Their Shape

In our extensive tests, we found that spaghetti, vermicelli and ramen didn’t hold shapes very well when placed in boots. However, pool noodles work great for this purpose. Cut a length of pool noodle the height of your boots and slide it inside for wrinkle-free storage when not in use.

Prevent Doors From Latching

If you need to keep a door open in your home — say to keep an eye on kids in the other room — cut a bit off the end of your children’s least favourite pool noodle and attach it to the side of a door. Not only will it prevent the door from latching, but it won’t peel paint or leave gooey residue like placing tape over a door latch might.

Build a More Comfortable Bed Railing

If your child (or adult! …it happens to the best of us) have issues rolling on to the floor while sleeping, cut a noodle down to the length of the bed and place it under their sheets. It will be less uncomfortable than a wooden or metal railing. As a bonus, depending on the size of the bed, you may still be able to use the noodles as regular pool toys, as crazy as that sounds.

Use Them in a Pool As a Drink Barge

OK, I hear what you’re saying. “I bought these pool noodles for use in the pool. Not to cut them into pieces.” Meet me halfway and cut them into pieces to make a floating drink caddy. You stay cool, well-hydrated, and the noodles fulfil their destiny as a pool toy.

Make Safety Lightsabers

The plastic toy lightsabres you can find at the store are great fun, but kids can do quite a bit of damage with them. Cut a pool noodle down to size, give it a duct-tape hilt, and let kids go nuts wailing on each other’s sabres without worrying about injury or damage to the toys.

Pool noodles are a pretty OK water toy, but having some sturdy foam laying around the house is always handy for the avid hacker. Even if you don’t have a pool, it may be worth keeping one around just in case.


    • It’d have to be a pretty adventurous (and possibly loose and/or desperate) woman to want to do that.

    • OMG! Why do people always have to make things dirty why cant people just see them as what they are pool noodles. so seriously get a life and go have fun 🙂

  • Edge-protector for anything anything fairly thin: large pieces of glass; sharp metal etc.

    My favorite: water pipe insulation. Can be bought for far less than material sold for that purpose, and provide more insulation. Just make certain that you buy them at discount stores, and pay attention to o.d of the pipe and i.d. of the ‘noodle’.

  • Alternatively you could turn it from a children’s pool toy to an adult’s pool toy… If you know what I mean :p

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