Learn How To Make Adorable Pokemon Mini Vases

Learn How To Make Adorable Pokemon Mini Vases

Pokemon GO has inspired people to venture out in droves to catch make-belief creatures. But if you’re a bit sick of going outside but still want to satisfy your Pokemon obsession, why not try your hand at making these cute Pokemon mini vases? Here’s what you’ll need.

YouTube DIY-er iamKayElle shows us how to make these adorably cute Pokemon vases that require a few simple components: small bake-proof rounded glass vases, some polymer clay, sand paper and chalk paint of varying colours. You can fill the vases up with succulents or anything small of your choosing.

iamKayElle uses Bulbasaur in the video demonstration but you can make Jigglypuffs and even Pikachus if you’d prefer.

This is a nice afternoon project and you can find the full instructions in the video above.

[Via YouTube]

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