Video Briefly: Pokemon Nerdcraft, Movie Crash Zooms, Destiny Gets Roasted

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: DIY Pokemon melted crayon art, scientific dating hacks, how to sing two notes simultaneously.

  • Plenty of men want to know what will make them irresistible to women - especially when it comes to things they can change and control. Here are six things that blokes can do to attract more ladies — according to the wonders of science.
  • We’ve seen the iconic opening credits of Game of Thrones remade countless times over the past several years, but none have been as awe-inspiring as this, the “Man Eating Soup” version. Spoilers: It’s tomato.
  • For its latest lampooning, Honest Trailers has stuck the boot into the hit video game Destiny; particularly its lack of story, repetitive gameplay and er, Peter Dinklage.
  • A video of a hot air balloon is kind of boring. Unless its floating underground, of course.
  • This week, the crew of the motoring TV show Top Gear were violently chased out of Argentina due to an insensitive joke delivered via a Jeremy Clarkson license plate. Click here to watch the fallout.
  • Apparently, it's possible to sing two notes simultaneously. This lovely lady shows us how it's done.
  • There are few things cooler than Steve McQueen movies. Adding TRS-80 analogue synthesiser music to his movies only makes him cooler.
  • Ever wondered how pieces of wood are turned into skateboards? Wonder no longer.
  • A slightly malevolent Tinder user decided to find out how many people who could convince to meet up with his obviously fake profile at the same time. Then he filmed the fallout.
  • Everyone, from classic movie directors to film school students, has used the zoom at some point to add some swagger to their films. This cool mashup collects some of the most famous zoom ins, zoom outs, dolly zooms, and basically anything zoom related in the movie history.
  • You know that crippling feeling of doubt you get when your friend doesn’t get the funny YouTube video you’re watching? It’s your brain warning you that you’re playing a dangerous game. One with potentially deadly consequences.
  • Alien: Isolation, the new horror video game from Creative Assembly, pays direct homage to Scott’s 1979 horror classic Alien. But it also sneaks in a nod to the director’s other masterpiece, 1982′s Blade Runner.
  • The dynamic duo at Screen Team has put together another nerdcraft video. This time, they show you how to make Pokemon melted crayon art. Bless.

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