Which Krispy Kreme Pokémon Doughnut Should Be Your Starter?

Which Krispy Kreme Pokémon Doughnut Should Be Your Starter?

Krispy Kreme is not afraid of a good collaboration, but the company’s latest team-up is definitely one of the best. In celebration of Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, Krispy Kreme has come up with a line of Pokémon-themed doughnuts, and you’re definitely going to want to catch them all.

The Pokémon doughnut collaboration launched in Krispy Kreme stores country-wide today and will be releasing a new character doughnut every fortnight.

There are five new Pokémon doughnuts in total to collect, and I’m sorry to say, but they’re almost too adorable to eat.

That didn’t stop us though, and we here at Lifehacker happily indulged in a taste test of these monster treats.

Which Krispy Kreme Pokémon Doughnuts are legendary?

krispy kreme pokemon
Image: Supplied

There are five cute variations of Pokémon doughnuts on offer here and they all have different designs and flavours. There are the classics like Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle as well as one Poké ball doughnut.

Everyone has their favourite starter Pokémon but if you’re struggling to pick which doughnut one is right for you, here’s what we thought.

Poké Ball

Not to be confused with poke bowl (please don’t order this at Krispy Kreme), the Poké Ball is the most generic of the doughnuts on offer here.

It consists of an iconic glazed doughnut topped with white truffle and red sprinkles and adorned with a Poké Ball white choc plaque.

Steph – I hated it. The glaze tasted like grainy cupcake icing. Too sweet. Too much.

Lauren – This one just tasted like a glazed doughnut to me. Still yum, but not much to write home about. 


bulbasaur doughnut
Image: Lifehacker Australia

Our leafy green friend Bulbasaur’s doughnut is made up of an original glazed ring topped with green apple icing and sand sugar along with a green creme swirl and white chocolate plaque.

Steph – I just don’t think apple flavouring and doughnuts go well together. It’s not *bad* but it’s not a pairing I would choose again.

Lauren – The flavouring was both sweet and sour and is probably suited for people who like green apple lollies. I am not one of those people.


Image: Lifehacker Australia

The Charmander doughnut is a signature shell filled with vanilla custard and topped with white truffle and a white choc plaque.

Steph – The vanilla custard is not overwhelming and it goes really well with the white chocolate glaze. Super tasty.

Lauren – I’m not a custard person at all but this one actually had a really nice flavour. I do think it’s a missed opportunity to not put jam in the fire Pokemon doughnut though.


Image: Lifehacker Australia

Rounding out the trio of starter Pokémon, Squirtle’s doughnut is another signature shell filled with strawberry jam, dipped in white chocolate truffle and topped with a white choc plaque.

Steph – The strawberry jam centre tasted like it was made with quality jam – not some cheap, basic filling. It paired nicely with the white chocolate. Would recommend. 

Lauren – You cannot mess up a jam doughnut in my mind and this Squirtle edition excels at what it does. Way too cute and way too delicious, I could hardly bear to finish it off.


Image: Lifehacker Australia

Finally, we come to the face of the Pokémon franchise, Pikachu. Pikachu’s doughnut is a shell filled with chocolate creme, dipped in white truffle and topped with a white choc plaque.

Steph – I enjoyed the chocolate crème in the centre but it’s not as tasty as the vanilla custard combo you get with Charmander. Still, it was one of my favourites. I mean, how can you go wrong with chocolate?

Lauren – I’m not a custard person but I am a chocolate person and this combination was *chef’s kiss*. I found the custard to doughnut ratio was just right and didn’t overpower you with too much of one flavour. 

Final rankings

Steph’s chosen Pokémon starter doughnut: Charmander

Lauren’s chosen Pokémon starter doughnut: Squirtle

So there you have our thoughts, but each Pokémon trainer to their own. No matter which you choose they all have that great Krispy Kreme doughnut taste, so you can’t go wrong.

Let us know which one is your favourite!

If you’re finding the choice just too difficult, why not purchase them all? The doughnuts are available individually for $3.75 each or, if you don’t want to wait for a fortnight, you can purchase them all as a mixed dozen alongside six original glazed doughnuts for $29.95.

They can be purchased from all Krispy Kreme stores or via delivery as well as on delivery apps like Delieroo, Uber Eats and Menulog.

If you need a meal to go with your Krispy Kreme Pokémon then you may want to consider McDonald’s Pokémon Happy Meal which is also out now.

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