Hundreds Of Amiga Games Just Became Playable For Free

Hundreds Of Amiga Games Just Became Playable For Free
Image: Internet Archive

I have no shame in admitting that one of the best parts of my childhood was being able to visit a family friend’s house, purely so I could nerd out with them on their Amiga 500. It might have been the lower end of the Amiga line, but good God did that machine have some quality games.

But if you missed out on that classic gaming platform, don’t worry. The Internet Archive has got your back.

After adding a suite of Windows 3.1 titles to its back catalogue, as well the DOS version of Zork Nemesis, the Internet Archive has a vertiable truckload of playable Amiga games.

There’s 10,357 pieces of software at the time of writing, but it’s the 1,351 games that we’re most interested in. Scrolling through reveals that quite a few of those are duplicates, however, and some of them just refused to boot at the time of writing.

The original Leisure Suit Larry kept crashing when I tried running it through Chrome — but here’s a list of classics that I found just scrolling through:


You can check out the list of Amiga games here. Hundreds of classic PC games have been archived too, including some really classic demos for games like Halo: Combat Evolved, MotoCross Madness, Midttown Madness 2, Quake 3, G-Police and Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines. (They’re not playable in a browser, but you can get them going easily enough with DOSBox.)

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  • Oh boy sooo much Moonstone was played as a kid. And let’s not forget the forever swapping 10 disks worth of Wax Works.

    • I loved Moonstone! Barbarian (Palace version) was also good for ridiculously gory finishing moves.

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