Relive The Glory Days Of Retro Computer Magazines, Thanks To The Internet Archive's 'Magazine Rack'

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If you want to reminisce about the days when all your tech info came from monthly magazines, you have two options. One, you can track down a dusty collection of, say, CU Amiga mags, perhaps in your own (or a friend's) garage. Or two, just hit up the Internet Archive, which has a healthy collection of digitised periodicals, with a focus on computer and IT-related topics.

The archive is extensive, if a little deceptive. For example, while there's an entry for Nintendo Power, no issues have been uploaded. On the other hand, The Bell System Technical Journal has over 4400 items.

If you're after something more recent, though still suitably nostalgic, look no further than Amiga Format or even the Australian Commodore Amiga Review, with 246 and 120 items respectively.

With 116,853 entries and counting, you're sure to find something that brings back warm and fuzzy memories of the 80s and 90s... like, uh, PC Action.

The Magazine Rack [Internet Archive, via gHacks]


    I've been hitting up Starlog all day.
    Great stuff!

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