iOS Adoption Down While Samsung Loses Ground in Android Market In Australia

iOS Adoption Down While Samsung Loses Ground in Android Market In Australia

Android smartphone sales are picking up while Apple’s iOS handsets have lost marketshare in Australia. Meanwhile, Samsung, which is the dominating brand in the Android space locally, is losing its foothold as other phone makers saw a steady growth year-on-year. Here are the details.

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Apple launched its new iPhone 6s late last year and the smaller iPhone SE earlier this year but iOS continues to lose ground to Android, according to data insights company Kantar. Windows mobile adoption saw the biggest drop. Here’s Kantar’s smartphone marketshare breakdown that does a year-on-year comparison for the three-month period ending in May:

Australia 3 m/e May 2015 3 m/e May 2016 % points change
Android 56.2% 64.4% 8.2%
iOS 35.9% 32.5% -3.4%
Windows 6.3% 2.6% -3.7%
Other 1.6% 0.6% -1.0%

Kantar also looked at data specifically for Australia’s Android market and found Samsung’s lost 10 percentage points to other Android brands over the same three-month period. It still has the lion’s share of Android users with marketshares at 61 per cent; other brands collectively now have 25 per cent. But Samsung is still doing well, according to Kantar:

“Samsung’s share is much improved on last month as sales of its new flagship Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices gain momentum and, collectively, account for over 14% share, knocking the iPhone 6s from its No.1 spot. (Incidentally, the iPhone SE comes in at No.8 in the last 3 months).”


    • In some countries, Windows phone adoption is even lower, below 1%, so it’s not TOO bad here 🙂

    • embrace the fact that you are only 1 in 38 and a half people that is enjoying a unique experience on your phone.
      You could be the only person on a bus full of people and you are the unique one with your phone of choice.
      While everyone else is off playing pokemon go you can at least know that no matter how frustrated you get with a phone in the shadows and no matter how much you want to move on to the platform that all the popular people want to use, you still love your phone.

      The truly sad thing is how microsoft has let the share drop worldwide so drastically in the last 12-18 months.
      It is a good operating system that is just so visually different and refreshing from the other choices, the marketing of it unfortunately is just non existent. And the fragmentation over just how little amount of people were able to migrate from win 8.1 to 10 from an already low market share just truly hurt it chances of being a true major player.
      I’m proud to be in that 2.6%. i made my decision because it was different from everything else, the only thing it highlights to me is that so many apps should simply be web based and device agnostic but then i am just one person in 38. i still love it.

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