Android Lost Market Share In Australia Late Last Year

Android Lost Market Share In Australia Late Last Year

iOS up, Android down. That’s according to the latest smartphone OS sales data.

For the last quarter of 2016, data insights firm Kantar analysed global mobile operating system market shares and found that Android gained in most markets except the US, Great Britain and Australia.

Between October and December, Apple iOS accounted for 44.9% of sales in Australia, up 5.3% year-on-year. While Android is still leading in terms of overall market share, sale of Android devices dropped 1.2% year-on-year to 52.3% in the last quarter.

The launch of the Apple iPhone 7 (accounted for 17.9% of smartphone sales) and Samsung’s battery exploding controversy may have influenced the results.

But despite the bad publicity for Samsung, the vendor marginally increased its market share by 0.9%; it’s now at 30.4%. According to Kantar: “This was driven by strong sales performance from the Galaxy S7 device, the second best-selling smartphone in the fourth quarter making up 8.4%.”

Meanwhile, Windows lost 4.4% market share in the last quarter, not surprising since Microsoft significantly downsized its mobile division last year. Check out the comparison table for more details:

OS Q4 2015 Q4 2016 % point change
Android iOS Windows Other
53.5% 39.6% 6.3% 0.6%
52.3% 44.9% 1.9% 0.9%
-1.2% +5.3% -4.4% +0.3%


  • It’s losing share because Android is shit. We still have stupid apps that won’t save and run from the add-in SD card and so you can’t load an app because it says you’re out of memory when you have an almost empty 64GB sd card in it. . And stupid commercial apps that won’t even install because they expect storage to be on /mnt/sdcard and your stupid version of Android calls it /mnt/ex-sd or /mnt/sdcard1 or whatever. Bought an Android phone on version 2 many many years ago, just bought another one and memory and storage management is still as shit as it ever was. What a joke that you have to manually tweak and move stuff around so your phone, which actually has plenty of memory actually works. I dumped it already and went back to my iPhone 5. Garbage.

    • You know you can get android phones with large amounts of internal storage…
      It sounds like you’re angry because Android gave you options and you chose poorly.

      you should probably stick to iphone.

    • On the other hand, you can’t expand the memory at all yourself using SD cards in iPhone, and the extra cost to get the larger sizes of internal iPhone storage is disproportionate to the bump in storage size you actually receive. So neither are really appropriate…?

    • It sounds like you’re talking about some old/cheap burner phone running an old version of Android that you’re expecting to be as good as a new flagship device.

    • Wow I haven’t encountered that problem since I had my old HTC Desire Z. It made sense to install apps to the SD card back when a flagship device only had 1.5GB of onboard storage, but why would you still be doing that in 2017?

      Also, you’re calling Android shit because it can’t do something that IOS can’t do either!? Try installing apps onto the SD card of your Iphone mate, it’s not even possible at all. At least with an SD card on Android you can store 2TB of high quality videos, photos, and music.

  • I love Apple fan-boy naivety. Everything revolved around Apple, if it isn’t available on Apple, it’s never been done before. Once it comes to apple its like its the most brilliant idea ever brought to man kind. Apple really do have a spell on the Apple-fanboys. Nothing you can say will change that.
    Apple will probably bring the SD card support to apple soon. Even though its been on Android since the beginning. Its will be worse than Android (purposefully crippled because Apple can see how to make a buck out of it). And apple fan boys scream to the heavens, this is the best thing since sliced bread. Then every year, as apple slowly release the next version, everyone will need to “upgrade” and buy another $400 bit of kit to make it work. hahaha

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