Android Pay Now Available In Australia

Android Pay Now Available In Australia

Google has launched its much anticipated digital wallet service Android Pay in Australia, supporting many more banks than its competitors Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Here’s what you need to know.

Apple Pay launched in Australia late last year but was only compatible with American Express credit cards, much to the chagrin of many iPhone users. It only recently partnered up with a major bank, ANZ, to provide the service to a wider group of customers. Samsung also launched its own service last month with a a handful of banking partners.

In contrast, Google has gone with the all or nothing approach, partnering with 35 financial institutions (so far) to bring Android Pay to their customers. You can find the full list of banks here. Android Pay supports MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit and debit cards.

Google’s digital wallet service is accepted at any shop that supports contactless payments and the company is working to integrate Android Pay into apps including Deliveroo, Jetstar and Domino’s. It’s looking to add more app partners in the near future.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in Australia with around 64 per cent of the marketshare locally. This will no doubt drive the adoption of Android Pay in Australia.

You can download the Android Pay app on your phone through the Google Play Store.

You can get more information on Android Pay over at the official website.


  • In contrast, Google has gone with the all or nothing approach, partnering with 35 financial institutions

    Quite a few less than 35 so far if you take the “Coming soon”s out of that list…

  • Great to hear, but disappointing that neither CBA or Suncorp are even on the list. I don’t want to open an account with a new bank for the sake if Android Pay. I like that there are “Coming Soons” but what about the other big banks? Are they on the roadmap?

    • I’ve been in the same boat since Westpac release NFC payments on android, but only for Samsung… Been waiting for Android Pay to fill that gap, and now I find Westpac is still dragging their feet.

      Well, at least they’re on the Coming Soon list…

    • It seems to be a bit of a crap-shoot with the Big Four regarding which banks have allied with which third-party provider.

      CBA and Westpac = Samsung Tap&Pay or a NFC-capable sticker

      Westpac = Samsung Tap&Pay or Android Pay (assuming the above is correct)

      NAB = proprietary service via it’s own app

      ANZ = all of them (Apple Pay, Samsung Tap&Pay, Android Pay)

  • FYI CBA has support for Tap & Pay for Android 4.4 & above using HCE and those who have < 4.4 or iPhones need the sticker. Same thing as what NAB has recently launched but CBA launched this a while ago (I use it)

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