Dropbox Just Added A Bunch Of Productivity Tools To Its Cloud Storage Service

With competition heating up in the cloud storage market, Dropbox has stepped up its game and added a swathe of new tools that will help business users work better. Some of the features include document scanning through the Dropbox mobile app and version history preview to assist in file recovery. Read on to find out more.

It’s tough being in the cloud storage business, especially when your main competitors are two of the world’s biggest technology companies. Microsoft has OneDrive and Google has Drive and both companies already have massive user bases for their other offerings that they can push onto their cloud storage services.

Dropbox isn’t small either: one in two internet users in Australia use Dropbox and 11,000 business teams use Dropbox business locally. Globally, it has a ton of high profile clients. But the company doesn’t have other businesses it can springboard from to get more users on-board. So the company hopes to differentiate itself with new productivity tools that are available to free and paid accounts.

Here are the new features that are available to Dropbox users from today:

  • Scan documents in Dropbox with the mobile app: There is now an option in the Dropbox mobile app that lets users take a picture of a document and notes that will save directly into Dropbox (as a PDF by default). The app is able to isolate the written content in the image so that the texts are searchable. This tool is particularly useful for small businesses that need to scan and store invoices.
  • Create Office docs on mobile: You can start a Microsoft Office document directly in Dropbox. No need to move the file into the cloud storage service later and all changes will be saved directly there as well.
  • Share files and folders from desktop: Right-click on a file or folder in your Mac Finder or Windows Explorer to share them with colleagues from the desktop without redirecting to the website or copying a link to email.
  • Preview earlier versions of files: Version control is an existing feature but now you can preview older versions of a saved file before you restore them. This is great for people who have accidentally deleted valuable content in a Word document or need to restore files after a ransomware attack.
  • More control in sharing: You can share a file with one individual in your team but give the rest of the group view-only access.

You can try out the features yourself through the Dropbox mobile (on iOS and Android) and web app.

[Via Dropbox blog]

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