Dropbox Boosts Business Plans With More Cloud Storage

Dropbox Boosts Business Plans With More Cloud Storage
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Dropbox is facing some stiff competition as they move from purely being a storage infrastructure provider to a business that brings essential cloud storage infrastructure to companies. But they continue to boost the storage they are bringing. Customers on Dropbox’s Professional and Business Standard tiers will be getting an extra terabyte of space for no additional fees from today.

The company said all new customers would receive the additional allocation from today with existing accounts upgraded over the coming weeks.

Professional accounts will get 2 TB of storage, while Business Standard teams will have 3 TB.

These plans work with Dropbox’s Smart Sync system that provides access to files stored on the cloud service without needing them to be replicated locally. File sharing and syncing of photos and other content on mobile devices are also fully supported with the extra capacity.

Over recent weeks, we’ve seen Microsoft up the ante with their new free tier of Microsoft Teams that offers 10GB of central storage in addition to 2GB per user. Dropbox’s 2TB and 3TB options, when combined with tools such as Slack (which recently announced that it will be absorbing their competitor HipChat/Stride), Dropbox Paper and integrations with other tools, makes a compelling competitor.


  • But Dropbox Plus (which was originally named “Professional” until a couple of years ago) stays on 1TB. For AUD$141.90 per year, it won’t compete with the Google One (Drive).

    • 1TB of Google Drive is $149.88 per year

      It’s interesting that Google is so tied to the $X.99/month model that you actually pay fractionally more per TB as you increase your allocation. There is no saving per TB for larger plans.

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