Dropbox Attempts To Woo Enterprise Customers With New Business Offering

Dropbox Attempts To Woo Enterprise Customers With New Business Offering

Cloud storage provider Dropbox has ramping up efforts to attract big business customers by launching Dropbox Enterprise. The company has jammed in a range of security, administration and collaboration features into the new offering, along with development tools and advanced controls to help IT administrators manage Dropbox storage in an enterprise environment.

Here’s are the key features that Dropbox Enterprise provides that would be beneficial to large organisations:

  • Scalable deployment tools such as domain verification and account capture so IT administrators can speed up user migration to enterprise accounts.
  • Increased visibility and control that lets IT administrators see whether corporate Dropbox accounts are being used for personal data storage and how employees are using Dropbox with external collaborators.
  • Better service and support from Dropbox with unlimited access to the Dropbox API to integrate the service with existing IT systems. Also includes access to Dropbox’s platform team for support on custom integrations.
  • Suspended user state so when employees leave the company administrators will be able to disable a user’s access to their Dropbox accounts before deleting it.
  • Sign in as user gives team leaders the ability to log into a teammate’s account for business continuity.
  • Custom branding so companies can put their own logos on shared linked pages.

You can find out more about Dropbox Enterprise on the company’s website.

[Via Dropox Blog]