Conquer The Armrest On Your Flight By Reclining Your Seat First

Conquer The Armrest On Your Flight By Reclining Your Seat First

Nothing makes a flight more uncomfortable than someone blocking off access to your armrests. Fear not, traveller, there is a way to stake your claim and keep what’s yours.

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Obviously, the best way to claim the armrest on a flight is to get there first, but that's not always possible. You can always ask them politely to share, but you may not feel like being diplomatic. If you find yourself fighting an uphill battle, Andrew Medal at Entrepreneur suggests a devious little trick to secure the armrest once and for all:

...the trick if you are facing early defeat is to be the first person to recline your chair. This reclined angle will allow you to supersede any arm position said opponent may have had early on, and allow you to claim victory.

Reclining your chair makes the statement of "I need to relax, so I need to be comfortable -- don't bother me." Give a smile, start reclining and ease your arms onto the armrest. They will give way and wish they had been the ones to recline first.

8 Rule-Bending Travel Hacks That Help You Fly Like a Boss [Entrepreneur]


  • Middle seat gets both armrests!
    Gaze out the window and feel the expanse or lean into your free space in the isle you fat bastard.
    Middle seat gets both armrests!!!!

  • Reclining on an Aussie domestic flight is a douch-baggery act……….just don’t do it! ‘Claiming victory’……seriously…….are you 7 years old!

  • So you can piss off two people at once? The one who beat you to the armrest and the one who’s knees you just crushed?

    As a 6 foot 4 man, I personally think reclining seats should be removed from every short- to medium-haul plane. If you can’t sit upright for 4 hours than maybe living isn’t for you.

    • Agree 100%, as someone who travels a lot on interstate flights, there’s no need to recline unless you need to sleep.

      • I usually find reclining makes it worse since I then feel like I’m sliding out of the chair. I also usually find back is killing me after too long reclined.

        Plus I feel bad for person behind me losing their legroom…

        • That sucks, im 180cm so i generally consider myself at the low end of the too tall for things. Just pluggied 6ft 4in into google and holy crap your 16cm taller than me, that must suck. I guess i shouldnt complain too much that my hair touches the roof in the car.

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