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I have commitment issues — at least when it comes to booking flights. I’ll sit there, staring at my screen, my mouse hovering over a flight I’ve found on Google thinking to myself: What if it’s too expensive? What if I’m booking too early? And what if there’s a much better deal around the corner, just out of my reach?


The problem with overseas travel from Australia is that everything is so bloody far. By the time you reach your destination, you're usually grumpy, jet lagged and sleep-deprived, which isn't an ideal way to start a work trip or holiday. A good night's sleep can make a world of difference -- but that's easier said that done. The following infographic from Work the World explains everything you need to sleep on planes effectively; including some novel positions that you might not have thought of.


If you’re a nervous flyer, turbulence of any kind is alarming. It’s especially bad when you’re coming in closer to the ground during landing. There are a lot of bumps and jolts that can feel frightening as they’re happening — but they’re nothing your pilot isn’t trained to handle.


I recently spent a week in Scotland, a journey that started for me at 5AM Tuesday and thanks to weather on the US east coast ended in me not arriving in Edinburgh until 9AM on Thursday.

The issue came when my flight from San Francisco to JFK wasn’t allowed to land because of approaching weather, a problem that forced the plane to divert to Philadelphia and sit for three hours, the three hours that just happened to be when my flight to Edinburgh took off. The best news? The next flight wasn’t until 7PM the next day.


Parents, you've heard the advice: When taking a long flight or road trip with little kids, make sure to bring activities. And so you do. As soon as the young travellers buckle their seat belts, you hand over a backpack or box full of fun stuff to keep them entertained for the duration of the ride, and then recline your seat in bliss. Your job, you believe, is complete. Holiday, here we come!