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The problem with overseas travel from Australia is that everything is so bloody far. By the time you reach your destination, you're usually grumpy, jet lagged and sleep-deprived, which isn't an ideal way to start a work trip or holiday. A good night's sleep can make a world of difference -- but that's easier said that done. The following infographic from Work the World explains everything you need to sleep on planes effectively; including some novel positions that you might not have thought of.


Flying isn't my favourite thing in the world because I get so caught up in wondering how it all works. "Why is this giant aluminium tube even in the air?", "why is that guy so fidgety?", "why are the lights flickering?"... you get the point. I worry. But this short, sweet explanation of how a plane actually flies puts me at ease.

Thank you, physics.


Whenever a large group of friends and I are planning a big trip, I typically volunteer to purchase the plane tickets. Credit card points are serious business, and throwing a few friends on my itinerary means they get to take advantage of my airline status, depending on our which one we choose to take. It's always seemed like a no-brainer, except as Thrillist points out this week, I might have been overpaying.


Most fears boil down to a lack of understanding, and in those situations knowledge really is power. If the thought of flying in a plane makes you anxious and break out in a cold sweat, these flying safety facts are your medicine to take before, during and after your flight.


In the last five years, I've become quite anxious during flights -- especially when turbulence hits. And while my wife Cassie never feared turbulence before, she has recently "caught" my anxiety, for which I feel inherently guilty.