This Video Explains Which Way The Toilet Paper Should Roll

Video: People have been debating which way the toilet paper should roll for as long as we've had toilet paper. This video from Wendover Productions provides more folio for this long-standing debate. The video shares survey results and fun facts, such as that most people prefer the toilet paper edge over the roll, liberals are more likely to prefer over and conservatives are more likely to prefer under. One therapist, Dr Gilda Carle, who is also a consultant for Cottonelle, devised a Toilet Paper Personality test and linked toilet paper preference to personality types. Those who prefer over are more likely to have a dominant personality type, while those who prefer under are more likely to be easy-going and submissive.

Whether you agree or not, it's pretty fascinating. The video above concludes with the toilet paper patent, perhaps putting an end to this debate after all.

TWL #4: Which Way Should Toilet Paper Face? [YouTube]


    im neither. i put my fingers in the roll, then wrap the paper around my hand 2 or 3 times and tear off. and voila! ready to wipe. a less precise version of the fold and wipe. definitely beats those that scrunch and wipe, wtf people, who scrunches and wipes???

    @skinja I think you may have misunderstood. Which way do you hang the roll up? Loose end in to the wall or out?

      no, i full understood the poll. but i do neither. i take the roll off the holder with my fingers in the middle, and then, with my other hand, wrap it around. which then led me onto another point of HOW people wipe, because there is always 2 fairly prominent factions surrounding that too.

      as for which way it sits on the holder before i remove it, depends on who has been in there last, but normally i leave it standing on end so its more efficient for me to pick it up.

    Although I have no evidence to support this, my observation is that when hanging the end of the roll toward the wall, the weight of the roll is a factor in tearing the paper at the desired length.

    Similar to the videos comment around dogs and toddlers being able to spool front hanging rolls more easily, when using the toilet paper for it's intended use, I have on occasion pulled at the roll with a bit too much vigour, which has caused the roll to spool to varying degrees. Once the paper has separated from the roll, it's unlikely that most people would re-roll the paper.

    After watching the video, I'm thinking this is also the reason that older and lower socioeconomic toilet paper users prefer a back hanging roll. Less waste.

    It has however been pointed out to me that I have an unreasonably high passion for the subject, as colleagues just mentioned they had never heard my keyboard struck with so much purpose!

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