Make A No-Kill Mousetrap With A Toilet Paper Roll

Don't like mice in your home, but don't want to get rid of them by killing them? You can make an ethical trap out of a leftover toilet paper roll in just a few seconds.

As you can see in the video above, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Flatten the bottom of the roll.
  2. Put cheese on the far end.
  3. Place the roll on a table or other flat surface.
  4. Place an empty waste basket underneath the hanging roll.

When the mouse enters the roll to get the cheese, gravity will dump it into the waste basket and you can toss the mouse outside the next morning.


    How is the mouse supposed to get on the table?

    For us, peanut butter on an empty skewered bottle so the mice roll off into a bucket works. Then a quick trip to an inner city native area, and nature can decide their fate as she should.

      I'm pretty sure releasing house mice to compete with native animals is a badidea

        It is. But as long as wavy-gravy's conscience is clear who the hell cares about what kind of havoc these vermin wreak on native species, right?

    Ok.. first, it's a misconception that mice love cheese, although they will eat it there are other things that work way better, like peanut paste. Second, no self respecting mouse is going to enter a tunnel that is unstable right from the get go... I call shinanigans and request filmed proof... :)

      Perhaps if you used two toilet paper rolls wedged together, the tunnel would seem less rickety until that sweet spot was passed.
      But hey; video evidence would be nice.

      Fried coconut works better. Smell carries throughout the a charm in mouse traps.

    With a toilet paper roll and a bucket.

    Last edited 06/09/13 1:57 pm

    "You can just set it free so everybody is happy".

    Yeah, no thanks.

      Yea.. Where I live, it'd be picked up by the 10-15 cats that frequent the park next door.

    1) I suspect the mouse is probably more likely to accidentally push the toilet roll down than crawl into it
    2) I was of the understanding that no-kill mouse traps typically tend to kill mice anyway due to the stress the confinement causes them
    3) granted for this trap, #2 wouldn't be much of an issue given that a wire waste paper bin has been used, so the mice will just climb out if it even does get caught.

    Wow this must be a first. An American who doesnt love to kill.

    "Toss the mouse outside" Only if you want it to pop back in again. A mouse can and will travel for over a kilometre to get back to where it regards as home, i.e. your house. The only way to responsibly get rid of them (not just make them somebody else's problem) is to kill them. This trap (if it works at all) could be made more effective simply by filling the bucket with water so the mouse drowns. Not quick, not pleasant, but effective.

      ...with less blood sprayed on your tiles.

    It would be able to climb out of the basket.

    I've seen them jump out of a plastic bucket

    Who cares about mice.... there pests.

    What next no-kill cockroach hotels?

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