Slice An Entire Banana Or Avocado At Once With A Metal Cooling Rack

If you’re mixing up a fruit salad or making a big bowl of guacamole, this trick will help speed up the process.

This video from youtuber DaveHax shows you how to quickly slice up some bananas and or avocados with two items you probably already have in your kitchen. Grab a large bowl and place a metal cooling rack over the top. Then peel open one side of your banana and push the open side against the cooling rack.

The rack will instantly slice the banana into several pieces. You can do the same thing with an avocado too, and get your guac ready for the party in no time.

Banana Life Hack [YouTube]


  • Another useless “hack”. Bananas are one of the easiest things to cut, I used to use my cereal spoon to do it. They even come with a built-in cutting board if you leave one or two of the peel segments attached while cutting.

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