McDonald's Just Opened A Free Restaurant That Only Serves French Fries

Today, McDonald's opened the doors to a new concept store in Glebe that serves nothing but French fries — completely free of charge. The appropriately named "Fries With That" is being billed as the world's first Macca's "Fries Eatery". Customers can choose from a range of unique gourmet toppings ranging from Pesto & Parmesan to Chipotle Cheese Sauce. Here are the details.

For the next three days, residents in Glebe will be able to score free McDonald's Loaded Fries from the "Fries With That" eatery located at 166 Glebe Point Road. (For those who don't go to McDonald’s much, the "Loaded" range is the company's take on Lord Of The Fries toppings. There's currently a choice of Guacamole and Salsa, Bacon & Cheese Sauce and Gravy.)

In addition to giving McDonald's some nice free promotion, the store is also being used to determine which Loaded Fries toppings will make it to the regular menu next. The new choices are Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli, Caesar, Curry, Pesto & Parmesan, Chipotle Cheese Sauce and Peri-Peri Cheese Sauce. You can also try the moreish new Gravy version (which we'll have a taste test of soon.)

The Fries With That eatery will be open from 11am to 6pm, until Sunday 29 May. If Glebe is a bit of a slog to get to (or you don't fancy huge queues), you can still vote for the next topping via McDonald's Facebook page.


    It's hilarious. The people of Glebe don't understand the point of a pop up store and think that McDonalds is secretly trying to gauge interest in opening a store there.
    They have a petition and everything!

    But in all fairness, I avoid McD at all costs if I can. Not the food, it's the customers they attract. Drive through I'm fine with.

    I wish I lived close by just so that I could queue for a few hours... I love queuing!!!

    This is great for the potato and toilet paper industry.

    When you say 'residents in Glebe', do you mean it's only open to locals? Super confusing

    Science says

    "When you say 'residents in Glebe', do you mean it's only open to locals?"

    Yep! They don't want riff-raff from your neck of the woods lowering the tone.

    Oh Lifehacker, I have never understood why you help to promote junk food like McCrap, very sad.

    It was busy but no queue today. Cheesy peri peri for the WIN. Not just for Glebe residents either.

    How about real Australian chips instead?

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