Double-Tap Your Android’s Power Button To Launch The Camera

Double-Tap Your Android’s Power Button To Launch The Camera

Your phone is probably the easiest camera to whip out at a moment’s notice. To shave precious seconds off the launch time of your camera, double-tap the power button on your device.

Most Android phones have some method of quickly launching your phone, like the Moto X’s shake gesture or the shortcut on your lock screen. As of Android Marshmallow, however, all Android phones can launch the camera with a double-tap of the power button (unless a manufacturer removed the feature for some reason).

It’s easily one of the quickest ways to launch the camera app, no matter what you’re currently doing with your phone. You can check out the How-To Geek’s post below for more Android shortcuts you might not be using.

The Best Android Shortcuts You’re Probably Not Using [How-To Geek]


  • Not on my Galaxy S7 (Optus) – but there is a shortcut on the screen if you push the power button once.

    • You may be able to change the camera settings so that you can double tap the home button to quick launch the camera (It works on the S6).

    • it’s the ‘home’ button, not the ‘power’ button as stated above. it works on my S7 from Telstra so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t on yours (unless you disabled it in the options)

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