Say G'day To Australia's New $5 Note

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has unveiled the design for its new $5 banknote, which sports new security features to prevent counterfitting. Its also garish as all get-out.

From September 1 2016, the above bank note will begin to enter circulation in small numbers. The note will continue to sport a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and Australia's old and new Parliament Houses on the other — however, the design has been updated with a colourful new "tactile strip" to aid the vision-impaired.

The strip depicts the Prickly Moses wattle and Eastern Spinebill bird. Future bank note updates will follow the same design principle, with each strip featuring a different species of Australian fauna and flora.

In addition, the new note incorporates newly developed security features in a bid to prevent counterfeiting. The nature of these new features have yet to be announced by RBA.

Otherwise, the colour, size and materials used remain identical to the old note. According to the RBA, it will take some time for the new bank notes to be widely circulated. Naturally, you'll still be able to use old $5 bank notes for many years to come.

What do you guys think about the new $5 note design? Does anyone have any theories on what the new security features might entail? Let us know in the comments.


    you’ll still be able to use old $5 bank notes for many years to come.

    I assume for decades? they were just in print last year.

    Looks awful.

    What happened to the campaign to get Lizzy / Parliament replaced with Fred Hollows?

      His name is linked with a charity organisation, probably better to avoid any misconstructions.

    Hmmm looks like the EURion Constellation Anti Copy Pattern on one side....
    ( )
    so it will also include all the other bits from the old Note as well..
    Clear bit, Raised printing, Micro printing and the hold it up to the light and see what shines though (or not).

    It looks aight, but could really do without the "SPECIMEN" planted across both sides. That's the only bit that really doesn't gel.

    it's ugly but as long as you can still do the whale fellatio thing it's not really an issue is it

      It only costs $5 for whale fellatio?

    As long as we can still fold the side with the queen to get a crude picture I am happy

    The Queen has nothing to do with us. Why isn't there an Aussie on it? Why didn't we get to have a say?

      You want a plebiscite for everything? That would cost a lot of the Queen's notes.

      As be my guest said. The cost. Hence why we elect people to represent us and the queen. Well you know she is our head of state. We are a constitutional monarchy. I'd guess that's what she has to do with us.

    I believe this is a subtle anti-forgery tactic. By making the currency so revolting, no one will want to make copies.

    Or the RBA is just trolling us and that's just a tea-towel to match its kitchen-sink design.

    Worth noting that the blue strip down the middle isnt blue, but apparently a clear strip or 'window'. Will be interesting to see one in person, I dont think the blue background they have chosen has done them any favours.

    I don't think they should make the Queen look so young. If you are going to make a modern note, make her look how she does now.

    new security features to prevent counterfitting
    So I can't use it when buying a new granite counter for my kitchen?

      The $50 note is the most counterfeited. Why not start with that one?

        He was being a grammar Nazi because they spelt counterfeiting incorrectly.

        Because 5s aren't distributed by ATMs, it gives the manufactures of ATMs time to adjust their counterfeiting checks and time for the banks to roll out updates to all of their ATMs to handle the new notes.

    Say Kia-ora to New Zealand's new $5 Note

    i like it. its different, its colourful. could do without the Queen though, nothing against her, i just feel we are better off honouring someone else on there.

    You're too late for April fools.

    Plus what photo of the queen were they working off? Something from 20 years ago?

    Last edited 12/04/16 6:46 pm

    "...and Australia’s old and new Parliament Houses on the other..."

    I can see the grass-roofed one on the hill OK (in both plan and isometric views), but where is the old Parliament House?

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