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Have A Financial Cheat Day

Adhering to a strict financial plan is a lot like following a healthy diet. You do it because you know it will help you feel good now and set yourself up for the best possible future.

Say G’Day To Australia’s New $50 Banknote

Say G’Day To Australia’s New $50 Banknote

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is in the process of redesigning the country’s banknotes with an emphasis on new security features. Following in the footsteps of the $5 and $10 notes, we now have a new $50 version – and we’re beginning to come around to the updates.

Does Free Shipping Make You Spend More Money?

When companies offer free shipping thresholds, customers definitely pay more to reach those thresholds. Well, maybe you don’t, but there’s research to show that thresholds do indeed affect how much money customers spend.