Make Better Hamburgers By Blending The Meat With Mushrooms

Blend mince with chopped mushrooms for a more nutritious and sustainable burger that also saves you money at the supermarket. With their unique flavour, mushrooms go extremely well with the mince.

The low-kilojoule fungus also makes your hamburgers healthier by adding B vitamins, vitamin D, dietary fibre and other nutrients.

The James Beard Foundation is encouraging us all to blend our burgers for sustainability reasons too. You'll need less meat for your burger and it will still taste delicious. See the video above from the Mushroom Channel and chef Billy Parisi for inspiration.

Blended Burger Project [James Beard Foundation via]


    Love mushrooms. Love mushrooms with my burgers. The "sustainable" angle sounds like complete crap though, especially when you consider this foundation seems to have nothing to do with the economics or sustainability research fields and just seems like a club for chefs and foodies.

      There is some evidence to suggest that meat production is bad for the environment. Raising cattle takes a lot of water, land required to raise cattle + the land required for producing grain for these animals (Possibly not so important in Australia as they eat the grass, the hay is kept from summer for the colder months)

      There is a video which explains this much better than I do:

      Please note: I am not a vegetarian, and have no plans to become one...

        Unless you standardise the size of patties and specifically state about how much meat is saved by this method then talking about it being "sustainable" is dubious at best. If I don't change the size of the patties I make and just add mushrooms I've not reduce my consumption.

        I am not contesting the point that meat production is a huge contributor to GHGs or anything like that, just that this group's sustainability claim seems more like liberal use of a buzzword than anything else.

        The irony here might be that a very common replacement for ground beef patties is large, grilled portobello mushrooms

    We've been talking mushrooms lately too! It's a fantastic way to add more nutrients to your meals.

    You don't have to ask me twice to add mushrooms to dishes. LOVE!

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