Five Easy Ways To Add A 1/4" Tripod Mount To Anything

Sometimes you have to get a little crafty when you're on a photo shoot or filming a movie. Here are five clever ways to add 1/4" mounts to your camera equipment and accessories so they can go anywhere. This video from YouTuber thefrugalfilmmaker will show you how to get a traditional 1/4" tripod mount on almost anything. You can attach 1/4" dual nuts to a flat surface with epoxy or some double-sided tape, use a spring-loaded phone or tablet mount that has a 1/4" mount for a small monitor or battery cradle, attach a ground clamp to a pole or extendable monopod to give your mounted devices more reach, or set up a temporary 1/4" mounting point by adding a mini ball head to a spring clamp. Of course, you can also create a permanent mounting point anywhere by drilling the hole yourself and tapping it so it fits 1/4" hardware nicely. You can find links to all the tools he's using at the link below.

DIY: Add a tripod mount to anything! [YouTube]


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