Build Your Own Phone Camera Boom Out Of Spare Parts

It's pretty easy to attach your phone to a traditional tripod, but if you want a boom-style mount to film something on your desk or the ground, this DIY mount is a great option.

Instructables user hyperfocused72 shares how he made this impressive contraption. You'll need some dowel rods, a hose clamp, some lumber for a base, and a few other odds and ends to put it together. The walkthrough is pretty involved, but the resulting boom would be great for filming DIY videos at your desk, or for turning your phone into a document scanner. If your needs are somewhat simpler, you could also check out a tutorial on mounting your smartphone to a traditional tripod.

How to Make a Cell Phone / iPhone Camera Boom and Tripod [Instructables]


    I use a mic stand personally. Can be had for ~$20 new, less second hand.

    Another trick I like is bluetack on the corners of either the front (if you want high quality video from the main camera), or the back (if you want to see what you're doing on the screen).

    Especially awesome when combined with any IP Webcam software for android/windows phone to stream it live to your pc for recording via wifi, though there are probably ones that also do live to youtube/ustream/etc

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