Turn An Old GPS Mount Into A Camera Mount

If you've been through more than one mobile phone or GPS device in your car, you probably have an extra suction cup mount in the boot of your car or lying around in a box. Instead of throwing it away, Instructables user Nano_Burger shows us how — with a little elbow grease and some glue — you can turn it into an attach-anywhere mount for your digital camera, complete with a screw attachment so it'll stay in one place.

You'll need a few tools for this one, but the basics are simple. Grab your old mount, some sandpaper or a sander, some epoxy (not for the camera, but for the platform and the screw that will be used to keep the camera in place), a tripod bolt and a few craft supplies. The hardest part of the project is cutting the actual mount so it's flat enough to rest your camera on and getting the tripod screw through, but once you've done that, the rest is straightforward.

All of the standard caveats about suction-cup mounts apply in this case. You don't want to do this if your camera is particularly heavy (although Nano_Burger uses his hefty DSLR and it holds up fine) or if the surface you're attaching the mount to is irregular or won't get good suction.

If you have an old mount and some time, it's worth a try, and definitely cheaper than buying a camera mount. If you're still dead set on buying a mount though, we're big fans of the previously mentioned Tiltpod.

Turn Your GPS Suction Cup Support Into a Camera Tripod [Instructables]


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