This Video Explains Which Types Of Beer And Cocktails Can Ruin Your Diet

You probably know that drinking alcohol adds calories to your diet, but some drinks are less worth splurging on than others. This video explains which drinks give you a decent alcohol per kilojoule ratio, and which drinks you should always avoid if you're watching your intake.

Whether you fancy beer or cocktails at the bar, this video from the Picture Fit YouTube channel breaks it all down. Kilojoule-heavy beers like dark porters and stouts or pale ales have more alcohol content, but come at a much higher kilojoule cost.

Extra light beers, on the other hand, have low kilojoules, but have very low alcohol content and usually cost the same. You should steer clear of ciders because they have more kilojoules than a dark beer and usually less alcohol than a light beer. All in all, if you want a beer, lighter beers like lagers have the most bang for your buck.

You'll have to drink more to match the alcohol content of darker beers, but in the long run you'll be getting more alcohol per kilojoule.

If you want a cocktail, go for cocktails that have only a few ingredients, are low in sugar and go with cocktails that use lime juice as a main flavouring ingredient (it's low in kilojoules). And don't forget, the best bang for your buck (in regards to both price and kilojoules) is usually straight liquor.

Best Bar Drinks That Fit Your Diet [YouTube]


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