Should You Buy An Android Or iPhone? [Infographic]

If you've only ever used an Android or iPhone, how can you possibly know that you've made the right choice? This flowchart from the Carlcheo tech blog guides you through both mobile operating systems in a bid to find out which mobile OS is best for your personal needs.

Photo: Gizmodo

The below infographic is perhaps a teensy bit biased towards Google's OS ("are you an iSheep?"), but it still does a pretty good job of mapping out each platform's strengths and weaknesses. As with any tech product, it all comes down to your intended purpose and personal preferences.

If you're device agnostic and looking to buy a new phone, follow the steps in the flowchart below.

[Via carlcheo]


    wow, most of the infographic points about android are incorrect. especially in regards to the points of highend, good camera and build quality.
    i used to laugh at my friends who had iphones back when i had the first Galaxy S. id drop mine so many times, and never cracked the screen.

    not an accurate inforgrapic for either OS' in my opinion.

      I know... if they were doing it right then windows mobile would have come out on top.
      Do you care about apps ...nope then windows phone is right for you :)

    iPhone best camera?

    How old is this?

      S7 is better now, but before that even with better camera's on android phones I found the iPhone 6s image processing better (stock for stock apps).

      Also, Lumia, plus they have a physical camera button.

        I prefer a real camera, I carry a Sony RX100M4 in my work bag, I have an iphone 6 but never use the camera. You can't beat a bigger lens.

          I've got an EOSM, but find I only take it when I plan on taking pics. iPhone for every day, Lumia for every day before that. I still miss the physical button and OIS the Lumia had.

          Last edited 16/04/16 10:11 am

    I have tried both and I am all in for the Android.

    More user friendly? The "Switch to mobile data usage when wifi cuts out" function disagrees with that statement.

    what moron at apple though that function was a good idea?

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