Should You Buy An Android Or iPhone? [Infographic]

If you've only ever used an Android or iPhone, how can you possibly know that you've made the right choice? This flowchart from the Carlcheo tech blog guides you through both mobile operating systems in a bid to find out which mobile OS is best for your personal needs.

The infographic below is perhaps a teensy bit biased towards Google's OS (e.g. - "are you an iSheep?"), but it still does a pretty good job of mapping out each platform's strengths and weaknesses. As with any tech product, it all comes down to your intended purpose and personal preferences.

It's worth noting that this flowchart is a couple of years old and some of the points are less true than they once were. (Crowning iPhone the best camera phone is somewhat debatable, for example.)

Nevertheless, if you're device agnostic and looking to buy a new phone, it still provides a pretty good overview.

[Via carlcheo]


    Too old and riddled with stereotypes to be anything useful.

      amazing input, such great points you make and examples given. upvoted! /s

    Pretty sure there are a bunch of Android phones with better cameras out than any apple phone. Top camera scores have been traded between top tier Android phones this year. iPhone out tomorrow may take it for a little while.

    Your "depends on the owner bit" is so true though. I've seen Android owners who have somehow managed to change the system font to some horrible cursive font. That's some serious effort to make your system look shit.

    Widgets are awesome.

    I like the House / Apartment analogy.
    The flow chart is a joke.

    Don't want to start a religious war but I'm confident that the best camera overall is not on the Apple side of the fence.

      Not only that but the build quality question is dumb too. There are plenty of high end Android phones with comparable if not better build quality than iPhones.

    I've seen this infographic years ago. The flow chart is pretty irrelevant now as others have pointed out

      Actually it was pointed out in the article, ergo...

      "It's worth noting that this flowchart is a couple of years old".

      Followed by the salient point...

      "Nevertheless, if you're device agnostic and looking to buy a new phone, it still provides a pretty good overview".

      Best to read the article before commenting.

        With these points made and in mind why bother posting the article at all then?

        Disappointing and pretty pointless, really.

          (heavy sigh!)

          Why? Because of this...

          "If you're device agnostic and looking to buy a new phone, it still provides a pretty good overview".

          As I said previously, before jumping in it pays to read the article.

            Well not really. The App Store now has less apps, there's better parental control apps on Android, iPhones haven't had the best camera out in years and most Android phones don't have removable batteries anymore.
            So as Tom said, it's quite pointless.

    As a parent with kids under 12, that parental control aspect is pretty huge. Handing a kid an iPad for school work is not nearly as stressful after you lock a few things down using in-built tools. You can't do that with an Android device and they can pretty much do and see anything they can think of - in seconds. I like my Android phone, but for families, the Apple garden seems MUCH safer. Once we want kids to be contactable (ie, once they are teenagers and will have mobiles) I'm leaning heavily towards Apple.

      Try using Google Family Link (or a third party solution like DinnerTime) on Android

        That is a seriously excellent suggestion @m0f0. I had no idea this existed.
        Thank you!

          You can also set purchases on google play to require a password. So if there is a card attached to the account your child cant buy anything.

            Would that prevent them from setting up their own Gmail address, play account and buying whatever apps they desired?

              Yea you can lock out setting up/logging into additional accounts on their device in the family link app

          The only thing that bugs me about Family Link when using it with older kids is it blocks the full version of YouTube, only allowing YouTube Kids.
          I just enabled unknown sources temporarily to side load an alternate YouTube app from APK Mirror for my eldest though. He's none the wiser.
          I used iYTBT, but OGYoutube and New Pipe also have good reviews.

          Edit: it turns out Google literally just announced Older Kid mode for YouTube Kids today. That may be a better solution than a modded YouTube app ;)

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