Will It Microwave? [Video]

The humble microwave is like a futuristic dream that actually came to be true: in the kitchen of the future, you’ll make fully cooked meals in minutes! And the versatile device can do more than just heat your leftovers. Today we’re testing some cooking tips that can put your microwave to use beyond reheating last night’s pizza or curry.

We tried making our own popcorn without a prepackaged bag, making crisps from scratch, gave making brownies a try, and attempted to make crispy bacon. All in a common microwave oven. Click 'Play' to see what actually worked!


    Pizza is much better to reheat in a sandwich toaster. Close the lid so the top half is slightly above the pizza but not touching it. Will only take a few minutes, and that way it stays crunchy and doesn't get soggy.

    In fact I think the sandwich toaster is a more versatile appliance than the microwave in many ways. You can even use it as a hotplate to cook eggs, sausages, chips etc on if you wanted to. Even crispy bacon!

    Last edited 06/03/16 7:06 pm

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